Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Our amazing black book of contacts, in-depth brand knowledge and enthusiasm has won us a host of admirers. Most importantly, we understand that our clients’ success is our success, so we work super hard to ensure any activity we undertake impacts significantly on their brand engagement and sales.

Nous continually impresses us with coverage that delivers for our business objectives. They have genuine relationships with journalists, and it shows in everything they do. Over 4 years they’ve helped us create innovative campaigns to build our brand. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.


Nous has taken B&O into the fashion and design media with unparalleled success, generating outstanding coverage. They have also supported and developed our product launches, which are seen as best-in-class across the global organization. I would highly recommend Nous.

David Morris
Head of Marketing and PR

A great team to work with, Nous Comms push hard as if it was their own company. They have helped us grow socially, built relationships with new retailers and their results have allowed us to expand our workforce. Nous consistently achieves knockout results.


Nous Communications combines the best elements of truly effective PR: fast response times, great communications and exceptional relationships with key media figures. They’re great fun to work with, too.

Dom Dawes
Senior PR & content manager, Exertis Unlimited

Henry Griffiths is one of the best PRs in the business: he knows his products inside out; he understands exactly what we’re looking for; he doesn’t suggest products that we would never cover; and he isn’t pushy.


They really champion their brands – providing insightful information and keeping me in the loop on new releases via email and in person. They’re consistently one of the best PR teams I deal with.

Fran Brown
Freelancer, Stylist

Nous has a great client list, but always knows – without being pushy – which products to pitch for my audience. They radiate genuine enthusiasm for their clients in a way which transmits to journalists!


I genuinely feel the team at Nous Communications is enthusiastic, professional and incredibly well connected. Most importantly they deliver. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


I can honestly say that Nous Comms are professional, innovative, forward thinking, friendly, helpful, and fun. Nothing is too much trouble for them, and the PR they provide is second to none.

Alan O'Rourke
Founder, Ruark Audio

I have worked with Nous Comms for years, and not only are they superb PRs, tireless in their devotion to clients and adept at securing coverage, what impresses me most is their deep understanding of Wired and what makes a Wired story. This is not common, and sadly lacking in many other agencies. This insight means that when they get in touch, I consider carefully the suggestion and pitch.


If you need an agency, there isn’t another I’d recommend more than Nous. Not only do you receive an unparalleled level of support, but the Nous team at all levels are genuinely excited about the products they represent. Their insightful strategies, close relationship with journalists and ability to secure high-quality coverage has surpassed our expectations. Nous is making a significant impact for the Cleer brand.


An enthusiastic and reliably efficient, tech-savvy team who are as personable as they are professional, Nous Comms are always an absolute pleasure to work with. They’re knowledgable not just about the products they PR but the wider tech landscape and what journalists need. No matter what press materials or answers I need, or how quickly I need them, they always come up with the goods!

Becky Roberts
News Editor