Our Services

Whether you’re looking for help with your brand strategy, killer coverage to drive sales, or engaging content creation and memorable activations to strengthen ties with consumers, everything we do comes back to making a demonstrable difference to businesses.

As an agency known for its super-strong media relations, running an effective press office is at the heart of what Nous Communications does. We start by working collaboratively with our clients to identify the publications and channels which work for your business, to ensure that every piece of coverage secured has a positive impact for the brand. We also work closely with the press, so that coverage isn’t a simple name check or photo credit, but instead conveys the story and messages important to you.

Every brand has a story to tell, and a purpose at its core. Through research, ideation and workshops, we help brands construct that narrative in a way that will build a genuine human connection with audiences. But that’s only half the job. From here, we’ll help you bring your purpose to life across all your consumer touchpoints, leaving you with a brand that people actually care about.

We work closely with our clients to help build a following of brand-loyal consumers through social media channels. Working together, we create engaging content ideas, helping convert our earned PR coverage into shareable assets to power your social channels, and we provide valuable consultancy on how to best communicate with the target customer digitally.

Nous Communications is known for delivering spectacular media coverage, whatever the territory.

Handling media relations in the States for clients such as B&O, Myzone and Mous, we are experts at delivering business impact through exceptional earned content. Such work also sits within the context of the global impact of US coverage. We harness the growing power of this global digital media voice for the benefit of every sales region.

We use our our expert knowledge of the US landscape, experience gained through our portfolio of clients, and digital insight tools to focus on media who have a disproportionate impact on your business.

Activations - Nous Comms Communications

We create immersive installations and eye-catching activations that people will remember. In close collaboration with our clients, we ensure that each and every activity is aligned with the brand’s ethos, and perfectly constructed to hit the goals of the campaign while authentically resonating with publications and key content creators.

Content Creation - Nous Comms Communications

In a world of increasing noise, we know how to cut through the inane to produce conversations people want to take part in. Our combination of journalistic experience and big-agency PR means that, whether the starting point is captivating video content, a killer headline or an engaging, thoughtful blog post, we will deliver.

Best-in-class press relations is at the core of what we do, and having an unshakeable belief in some old-school PR values is what helps us deliver results that matter for our clients:
  • Our incredible crew is better connected to media than the competition
  • They are uniquely skilled at identifying and leveraging the full spectrum of earned opportunities wherever they may lie
  • Our team are trained to think like media insiders, working in close partnership with our journalist and influencer contacts
  • Be it digital, magazines, broadcast or newspapers, we’ve got it covered
  • We’re a commercially savvy agency, working hard to positively impact engagement and sales