Recipe for Success: Ruark's Multi-Faceted Comms Strategy

‘Communications’ may sound like a pretty broad term, but that’s because what we do is so much more than simply delivering spectacular PR. Of course, an exceptional press office is an integral cog in any effective comms strategy, and we pride ourselves on the strength of our relationships with the very best media in the UK and US. But what really sets us apart from more mundane agencies is how we manage the other crucial brand-building touchpoints for our clients.

Take Ruark, for example. In the last few months alone, we’ve placed the UK’s leading purveyor of stylish standalone sound systems in the most impactful publications in every media vertical, with the company’s designs gracing the pages of everything from The Financial Times, Forbes, GQ and WIRED, to, Livingetc, The Times Magazine and Elle Decoration. Through a carefully-considered product review scheme we’ve also seen stellar reviews and awards on global titles ranging from Wallpaper* to T3 that sit happily alongside evergreen digital content and continue to sway consumers.

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“Besides our stellar coverage, what really sets us apart is is how we manage the other crucial brand-building touchpoints for our clients”
“For brands looking to maximise their impact within their industry, a tailored, multi-comms approach is essential for ensuring success.”

But beyond traditional earned media, we also employ a variety of effective communication tools to maintain and enhance Ruark’s reputation as a leading luxury British brand.

The first of these is consultancy. We collaborate with all of our clients to work together in creating the best strategy that will make a valuable difference to their brand. This consultancy will be unique and bespoke to every client, and frequently each major product launch; for Ruark, every move we make is in line with our end-goal of exposing the brand to consumers who engage with timeless British elegance.

Next up is content. Our dedicated team aligns all written comms with the core brand messaging of each client. With Ruark, we create press releases, newsletters, blogs and even product names – all carefully crafted with our expert understanding of how different written forms and styles can impact different audiences, tailoring each piece of content to either media or consumers.

Meanwhile, our extensive list of social media contacts means we have our fingers on the pulse of the most relevant content creators in the UK. Within this, we have curated for Ruark a group of leading interior stylists whose content both embodies and aligns with the brand’s ethos of design and heritage.

Finally, press activations allow us to get valuable one-on-one time with the media that matter in a fun and relaxed environment. Through experiential events, dinners and launch parties, we engage with the most important publications and platforms for Ruark, nurturing those all-important brand-content creator relationships.

Our strategy with Ruark is proof that when you work with Nous, there’s no one-size-fits all package; every element of our offering is carefully designed with each individual client in mind. For brands looking to maximise their impact within their industry, this tailored, multi-comms approach is essential for ensuring success.