Myzone – Taking a Start-up to Media Stardom

How we got pulses racing from a standing start

How do you nurture an unfamiliar brand and make them part of the everyday conversation in a crowded market? By carefully cultivating credibility – being an authentic, authoritative voice – and then developing desirability, exposing the brand to new audiences outside of it specialist sector. Our work with Myzone is a great example of this strategy.

Since Nous started working with the company, the agency has continued to adapt its PR approach to reflect the brand’s growth, initially building credibility and awareness, and more recently, securing its position as an authoritative voice and thought-leader alongside industry leaders. This reflects our belief that long-term partnerships with clients are best, being crucial in helping them grow into world-class businesses.

  • Myzone
  • Health and Fitness
  • Press Sell-in, Press Launch and Event, and Media Briefings
  • May 2019 – present
In the beginning, the brand invested heavily in its product, delivery and people. Now, Myzone is looking to achieve a more appealing brand identity, brand mission, and brand values; while also reflecting professionalism and commitment to its position within the wearable tech space.

– Dave Wright, Myzone CEO

After winning Myzone as a client, we hosted two hands-on launch events to introduce our top technology and health contacts to this innovative and highly accurate heart-rate monitor. The resulting exposure helped cement Myzone’s position as a brand to be taken seriously in the sector. While the market was crowded, Myzone was offering something completely unique.

Following the launch, our focus shifted to reviews in order to establish brand credibility. This involved sending the heart rate monitor to trusted technology contacts where the MZ-3 was put through its paces. The reviews truly reflected the accuracy and reliability of the heart-rate monitor which then helped us to secure further product round-ups due to increased brand credibility.

Later that year, we launched Myzone’s smart clothing – a compression top and sports bra which integrated the Myzone heart rate monitor. This brought a whole new dimension to the brand. Now, its wearable fitness offering was not confined to a chest strap but was now available via fitness apparel. This helped move the brand beyond health & fitness and technology verticals and placed it firmly in the lifestyle arena.

We then worked on three specific media strategies in parallel – leading lifestyle coverage, a social media ambassador programme and a SEO-centric reviews programme. The latter required a focus on top-ranking SEO round-ups of the ‘best heart rate monitors’ and the ‘best fitness trackers’. These articles further built brand credibility and encouraged consumers to invest in the brand. Our social media work with Myzone saw us reach out to potential advocates who held similar beliefs to Myzone: that fitness was for all and that effort was the best way to encourage users to stay fit for life. This brought new eyes on the brand, further showing that Myzone was an accessible and credible brand.

By this point, we were able to ensure Myzone was always in the conversation with leading competitors, such as Garmin and Polar. There was enough awareness and credibility behind the brand that leading journalists were aware of the unique offering Myzone provided and were willing to feature it in key national newspapers and lifestyle titles such as The Times, The Telegraph and Men’s Health.

In this past year, we have continued the journey by launching Myzone’s most exciting product to date – the MZ-Switch. From stellar reviews to stand-out lifestyle hits, it’s wonderful to see Myzone positioned as a real leader in the fitness industry.