Hashtags and Handles: Taking on Freeview’s Social Media

After a successful partnership delivering impactful PR services our client Freeview, we were approached to pitch for the brand’s social media management. With countless events, activations and campaigns under our belt, we had established a deep understanding of the Freeview offering, an unparalleled awareness of the market landscape and, crucially, a unique grasp of the brand’s identity. For these reasons and more, we felt confident in our ability to step up to a new challenge, and take the helm of Freeview’s social media.

The brief was clear: create a new content strategy which will authentically reach and resonate with a younger target audience – particularly on Instagram, but also working with Facebook and Twitter. In response, we drew up a game plan of how we could breathe new life into these channels. We focused on the main areas where we could enable this shift, including the creation of new forms (such as Reels and IGTV), placing more emphasis on engaging, interactive content that resonated with younger viewers (including memes and re-purposed tweets), and the development of a less polished or branded grid.

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For Instagram alone, we brought the engagement up to more than 5 x the industry average.
We’ve boosted the target 18 - 24-year-old demographic by 11.4%, and our overall Instagram follower count by nearly 50%.

Rather than initiating an immediate social overhaul, which could alienate the existing audience, we devised a smooth roll-out of our designs to seamlessly integrate the new content with the old. Just one of the ways this was achieved was by incorporating subtle splashes of the Freeview brand colours across some posts, thereby maintaining a level of cohesion with the previous grid, while also allowing us to explore new, creative designs.

In terms of the content itself, tone of voice was absolutely key for tapping into that younger following. Over-branding and obvious intent to sell are negative triggers for this demographic, creating a jarring discord from the rest of their newsfeeds. For this reason, we altered the tone to reflect the cheeky side of Freeview, which would match up with the meme-style content which is so widely consumed by Gen Z. Tying this together with the brand’s core ‘people’s champion’ identity, we created a unique and engaging tone of voice.

And the results speak for themselves. In our first month of taking on the account, we saw a sharp rise in post performance. For Instagram alone, we brought the engagement up to more than 5 x the industry average.

Four months in, and we’ve boosted the target 18 – 24-year-old demographic by an impressive 11.4%, and our overall Instagram follower count by nearly 50%. We’ve also successfully run multiple competitions across Instagram and Twitter, and our combined reach showing no signs of slowing down. Each month brings with it new performance insights across every social vertical, providing us with an intricate understanding of the ways we can alter our content to consistently improve engagement week-on-week.

As social media continues to grow and evolve, so too does our strategy, and we’re constantly adapting to stay ahead of trends and keep the brand relevant and authoritative in its field. Head to the Freeview Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to see for yourself!

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